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Elm and Phoenix/Elixir in production for France TV

Are Elm and Phoenix/Elixir ready for prime time? I'll let you decide: they were both used in live during the main French political show called "L'émission Politique" to help generate a word cloud based on the guest speech. To the date of this writing, the guests were Nicolas Sarkozy (12 millions viewers), Arnaud Montebourg (9 millions) and lately Alain Juppé (X millions).

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Interacting with a DOM element using Elm (audio/video tag example)

So, you want to write some Elm code because you're a Hipster and want to be in. Fair enough. But being a Hipster has some downsides too. You soon realize that, even if Elm is cool, it doesn't always provide all the things you may need. For example, how can you interact with the HTML Audio element or any element not yet covered by the Elm core modules? Don't worry, uncle Vince is here.

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How to pass paramaters to a python component

Recently, I've be playing with, a WAMP router and Autobahn|Python a library for writing WAMP compenents. It's really awesome to create reactive apps and to mix heterogenous applications together (python, JS, scala, PHP, whatever).

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Installing ATLAS for Kaldi by disabling CPU Throttling on Archlinux

I was trying to compile ATLAS (Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software) to install Kaldi on my new archlinux computer, and I ran into this error :

CPU Throttling apparently enabled!
It appears you have cpu throttling enabled, which makes timings
unreliable and an ATLAS install nonsensical. Aborting.
See ATLAS/INSTALL.txt for further information
xconfig exited with 1

Of course, the first thing I did was to check Google for the error, and the answer was pretty clear: disable CPU Throttling. "Cool story bro", but how can I do it?

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Using Archlinux on a Retina (HiDPI) MacBook Pro with Xmonad

I've recently installed Archlinux on the latest 15" MacBook Pro Retina (late 2013). This model seems to be known under the name "MacbookPro 11,2" (ME293xx/A) on the Apple website. Here is the exact configuration: 15.4"/2.0 Quad-core i7/8GB/256-Flash. The installation was a little bit painful (especially the EFI part), but somehow I found out how to have a bootable Archlinux.

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How to use the Dropbox API with scala and/or Play Framework

Recently, I had to connect a scala application to a Dropbox account. As I didn't found any good example on how to do so, I decided to write a blog post about it. Here we are.

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How to fix archlinux (rEFInd) boot after Mac OS X upgrade

Yesterday I applied the Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 upgrade. And of course, after rebooting, my rEFInd boot had disappeared. Damned, it was booting directly under Mac OS X.

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PHP: you love it or you leave it

I do love PHP. Well, to be more precise, I used to love PHP a lot, and I still respect it and people using/improving it. You can do whatever you want with PHP, from the very quick and dirty way, to the bloated framework way (oh c'mon).

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Trust the h^Wtype

I was used to write a lot of PHP code, mostly using the symfony framework. When I discovered unit testing with PHP, I was like I had discovered a new way of programming.

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