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Elm and Phoenix/Elixir in production for France TV

Are Elm and Phoenix/Elixir ready for prime time? I'll let you decide: they were both used in live during the main French political show called "L'émission Politique" to help generate a word cloud based on the guest speech. To the date of this writing, the guests were Nicolas Sarkozy (12 millions viewers), Arnaud Montebourg (9 millions) and lately Alain Juppé (X millions).

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Interacting with a DOM element using Elm (audio/video tag example)

So, you want to write some Elm code because you're a Hipster and want to be in. Fair enough. But being a Hipster has some downsides too. You soon realize that, even if Elm is cool, it doesn't always provide all the things you may need. For example, how can you interact with the HTML Audio element or any element not yet covered by the Elm core modules? Don't worry, uncle Vince is here.

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