How to fix archlinux (rEFInd) boot after Mac OS X upgrade

Yesterday I applied the Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 upgrade. And of course, after rebooting, my rEFInd boot had disappeared. Damned, it was booting directly under Mac OS X.

I had installed rEFInd using install.sh script without any argument, as mentionned in the documentation. When you do so, it installs rEFInd directly on the / partition of you Mac. Why not, but you have to be aware that it will be erased with Mac OS upgrades.

First try: fail

The solution would be to run the install.sh script with the --esp option: install.sh --esp. It should install rEFInd on the ESP partition of you Mac so that it's not overwritten when you upgrade Mac OS X. It's the first fix I tried, without any success. The Mac was not booting anymore, only a grey screen, w00t.

To fix this grey screen, I had to boot holding the Alt key of the Mac. Then I had to boot under the Recovery partition. In the menu I've forced my boot disk to be my SSD. I have no idea why I had to do that, but well, my Mac was booting under Mac OS X successfully after that.

## Second try: success

As it seems that the --esp was not working very well for me, I tried to redo what I did in the first place: just running install.sh without any argument to install rEFInd. And well, it worked, my rEFInd menu is back.

Now, I know that after each upgrade of Mac OS X, I will have to run install.sh from rEFInd again to have the ability to boot my ArchLinux.