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Vincent Jousse

Making sense


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My name is Vincent Jousse and I'm living in Le Mans (France).

  • I'm the CEO of Voxolab, a company doing speech recognition
  • I'm the CTO of Allo-media.
  • I'm coding using Python, Elixir et Elm on github
  • I'm teaching computer science at the University of Le Mans
  • I'm doing research about speech recognition and speaker diarization in a french laboratory: LIUM
  • I wrote a book about Vim called "Vim for humans" (free price)

The shut up Manifesto

  • Say you don't have the time: shut up. It's just an excuse. The reality is that you don't want to find the time. Assume it.
  • Say you can't: shut up. Say that you choose to not try instead, it will be closer to the actual reality.
  • Start to gossip: shut up. The more you'll gossip, the more you'll see the world in a negative way.
  • Let speak your chatty negative voice inside yourself: shut this voice up. Trying to think instead of people or to imagine the worst has never done anything good. Never, ever.
  • Say to other people that something is impossible: shut up. Don't break the dreams you don't dare to have.

So please, try to first shut up when you speak. You'll see, it can be a life breaker.